Finished my studies...

Published on Sat 17 of Jan, 2009

... yes, I did - I'm probably just a bit slow with realizing it as I finished them already on 26th of May 2008. After that I just wanted to wait to get my diploma certificate to start believing it and have some good parties in between. Porto was one of those things that I already blogged about. But there were some other dedicated parties that I didn't blog about because of lack of time and major procrastination. But it's never too late, so let me do it now! ;)

  • 26th of may: Finished my thesis
  • 31st of may: Hoerschaden @ Kiki Blofeld
  • 6th to 8th of june: Rock im Park
  • 13th of june: Friday the 13th party @ Frank

And some more little stuff afterwards. Basically there was something on every weekend for about two months, but those were the most memorable things. So, before I forget everything and delete the photos I made - I'll blog about all that for me to remember and look back, when I'm old.. ;)

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