Guerilla tactics for freedom of speech!

Published on Fri 03 of Dec, 2010

All this talk about the need to "assassinate Assange" 1 is pretty funny. Some little fascists going ballistic about realizing that their world view doesn't work in the digital age. Try to imagine how stupid they must be to not realize that what's happening is inevitable... that makes me smile, if not even laugh out loud. :D

It is a bit more scary that some of them manage to put big pressure on companies that cowardly refuse to do their job, like Amazon, PayPal and EveryDNS.

But having the library of congress block access to the WikiLeaks website2 - that is CENSORSHIP!! That is a government trying to construct the reality they need for themselves. A reality without these very real documents.

Sadly I'm not so "shocked to find countries such as France and the United States suddenly bringing their policies on freedom of expression into line with those of China."3 as the Reporters Without Borders put it.

You may have whichever opinion on Assange you like. And if you think he's acting like a narcisstic popstar, I wouldn't even disagree (actually I'd even start to argue about this being a good thing ;) ). But who cares in the first place? The information is out there, in digital form. It can be easily copied. It can be easily moved around the globe. It is impossible to make this information go away!

And a finnish guerilla gets angry, when brainless ruling idiots start restricting human rights just because they don't understand this! Time to get some tactics from the box of digital guerilla tricks. Yes, being a guerilla in the digital age means that YOU can fight in this war as well as Assange!

  1. Spread the IP address of the WikiLeaks entry server: (Reminds me of a former post, in which I told you to "Pursue me for I know something")
  2. Provide DNS for WikiLeaks so that people don't have to remember the IP address. For Example you can reach WikiLeaks via http://wikileaks.amette.eu
  3. Download insurance.aes2564

As the founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation says: "The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops. #WikiLeaks" 5 Oh, and if you are looking for a christmas present for a loved one.. how about a nice USB-stick with insurance.aes256 on it? ;)

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