Did a drop-in from our loading ramp

Published on Fri 02 of Mar, 2007

Today I sat in bureau with my netherlands collegue, our search engine optimization specialist, to install Kubuntu on his computer. Well, that sadly didn't work out for some weird partitioning reason.... (read: use Gentoo :P ). But I had a Mountainbiking-Video of Freeride Entertainment with me and we watched it meanwhile. I got a flat tyre on my brand-new bike about two weeks ago and fixed it just last weekend. While fixing it, I first time got into adjusting the brakes and stuff. So I really got interested again in the bike, for now I just used it for getting to work and back. This bike I got used from my biker collegue Lars, who really put together some awesome riding machine. After tinkering with it a bit, I tuned it more to my likings and also made the first plans for improvement... but however.. I got into downloading some mountainbike videos and I stumbled upon Freeride Entertainment. And those videos really made me wanna ride my bike aggressively again. I never was a daredevil-style rider, but I always liked to push the limits (read: my limits are small... ;) ). Today on work then, while installing the Kubuntu, I got into talking how fearsome and lameass I have gotten. And when we were standing on the balcony having a smoke, I told him, that I wanted to jump off that loading ramp since we moved here with our bureau (yeah, my work place changed location in december). Well, we both agreed, that I am too drunk to do it, but the idea was stuck in my head... ;) )

When we were leaving, I just directly put my backpack with my laptop (that always was the main excuse not to try it) onto the ground. When standing on my bike at the edge of the ramp I just feared the height (about 60-70 cm). Michiel, as the search engine optimizer was called by his parents, told me: "Ah, I would almost do it with my bike!". And he's riding a classic dutch town bike.. :P

So I hesitated some two or three more times on the ridiculously low edge and then Just Did ItTM - worked out!!! :D

Man, was I happy, awesome, great, fuckin' helluva kickin'!!!! :)

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