My workplace changed place

Published on Fri 02 of Mar, 2007
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As the previous posting already told you: LivingLogic changed its location!

We are now situated more outside the city in some pretty beautiful bureau. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. Biggest problem is the lack of food around. Formerly you just walked into the city and bought whatever... nowadays you really need to plan your food, so that you can make it in the kitchen of the bureau. Positive sides? Well, it fits the style of the company more. Fresh with yellow walls inside, a huge conference room looking like a studio (that it formerly was), in an old building, in a backyard; a bit like kicking ass from the underground, but with style.. ;)

For me the negative side is, that my trip to work more than tripled.. :P But well, I get to ride my bike(with my laptop on my back.. :-/ )... ;)

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