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Did a drop-in from our loading ramp

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Today I sat in bureau with my netherlands collegue, our search engine optimization specialist, to install Kubuntu on his computer. Well, that sadly didn't work out for some weird partitioning reason..  

My workplace changed place

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As the previous posting already told you: LivingLogic changed its location! We are now situated more outside the city in some pretty beau  

New collaboration platform for LivingLogic's Open Source projects

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I'm very happy to tell you that we are starting a new platform for LivingLogic's F/LOSS projects. http://flloss.livinglogic.de So far we had everything at http://www.livinglogic.de/Python  

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Born, went to school, started hacking on free software, did some major high availability sysadmin work in between, now back to my original passion: managing knowledge. :) -- Long CV

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