Published on Fri 01 of Apr, 2011
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Here's a digital copy of the article in Chronic'art that features the c-base, Tiki, me and as you can see also the literal #tassebier - World Domination, I tell you! ;)

Published on Wed 30 of Mar, 2011

You've all seen these videos of random people moving weirdly in different contexts with a dubstep audio track and titled "How to dance to dubstep"? Yes, they are _ALL_ totally funny - because no one knows how to dance to dubstep!!

But actually.. I think this guy is different... He doesn't dance, he dubsteps... and therefore quite nails it. ;)

Published on Thu 24 of Mar, 2011
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I just got leaked that you should grab a copy of next saturday's Chronic'art magazine. If it's something with InfoWar and Julian Assange then you're right on! Remember skipping to "Fight Club 2.0" for the part about BLN, c-base, Tiki and me. ;)

iPad NOT property of mine!!

Published on Fri 11 of Mar, 2011

ThinkPad X200s and Motorola Milestone

To paraphrase Top Gear: "Considering looks, the Apple is the ballerina, the ThinkPad is like an italian hitman and all the other stuff looks like a guy found on the bottom of a lake after three weeks." - "Yeah, and this is the man who threw him there!" ;)

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