Published on Mon 07 of Jul, 2008

I think I didn't blog it, but last year I broke the frame of my brand new bike. Then I was thinking weeks and months about what frame to buy and where to get it cheap. And again Lars then came to help me and just gave me some pretty no-name frame as a gift - but that frame was basically just what I was looking for. Pretty much the same geometry as my old one, but with a steeper top tube.

Well, then it took me again weeks and months to bring that frame to my beloved bike-shop here in Bayreuth to get it sand blasted and newly laquered. And then it took again some weeks until it was finished (this time not my fault ;) ). And now finally, just some hours ago I could fetch it from the bike shop!! :)

And this thing is just sooo gorgeous, you won't believe. It is so easy to bunny-hop - I'm really amazed. Some fine-tuning still has to be done, but the basic concept is again under my butt and rideable. For some images see http://amette.eu/gallery13

Published on Thu 22 of May, 2008

This blog post is dedicated to sylvieg - one of the rare women in open source, one of the best coders I know and one of the cornerstones of Tiki community!

She is not a person of many words, she speaks through code. She isn't an appointed headman, she leads by example. She commits more than anyone else and still manages to keep an eye on other people's commits. She is one of the rare coders to write documentation and she surely wouldn't need it herself. She never fears to dig into the dirty deepness of the code and I hardly ever saw her complain.

I still remember when I messed up the 1.9.2 release by allowing some last minute change that broke HTML edits all over Tiki. It messed up all her customers' sites and she just came on IRC, told me about it and asked, if we should roll back. When I agreed, she just benevolently stated that with time I will learn to be careful. It's pure joy working with her and having her great talent available for TikiWiki development. I love Open Source for that and I love sylvieg!

Yesterday (well, in her timezone still today) was her birthday and she committed again like crazy! She promised to take this day off, but apparantly she somehow just can't - yeah, she's a real hacker! A couple of hours after she said that she'll be "out for the day", there were again commits of her.

My bro and me agreeing on sylvieg having a serious problem
22:15 <   amette> LOL - sylvieg is back - oh, man - I fear she's a Tikiaholic ;)
22:18 <  luciash> yeah, i fear that too :-p

While we should make her a gift today, she again made a couple of bug-fix gifts to the Tiki community. Sylvie, I hope you had as much fun coding as I had watching you commit! :)

I don't have to tell you to stay the great girl you are, I know you will! But I wish that you will be part of our community for a long time to come!

Published on Tue 20 of May, 2008

By request of my bro I post an update of my Play-Off beard.

Almost two months of growing it

You can't really see it on the image, but believe me - that thing grows asymetrically! Or put another way: it is just as askew as my nose. My flatsharer already suggested to operate my face and raised his fist - I wasn't really convinced, but nevertheless thankfully suggested to operate him something else in return then. ;)

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