Published on Thu 20 of Jul, 2006

w00t - I really am a damn lucky bastard! :P

I just got a call, that I can move into the flatsharer community of my diploma colleague. So let me introduce to you two new people in my life:

  • Rieke "head of counsel"
    • the longest in the flat
    • studies bio-informatics (I hope I remember that right... met so many students... :O )
  • Matthias "eight-characters-or-you-got-it-wrong"
    • student from Ilmenau
    • writing diploma thesis at LivingLogic

Both are really nice, I'm sure, I'll have a good time there! My room isn't too huge, but I want to minimize my stuff anyways. ;)
On the other hand the flat is really cozy, big kitchen, balcony, only three minutes to work by foot! :)

Published on Thu 20 of Jul, 2006

Yep, that's definitely worth blogging. ;)

I will be Operator from Hell at LivingLogic (a.k.a 'sysadmin candidate') from the 1st August 2006 on. I was in Bayreuth for a job interview on tuesday and seem to have convinced them to be a dare to accept. This will be a half time employement at first and the other part of the time I will be writing my diploma thesis about rule-building in unruled spaces with a pinch of feedback in virtual teams. I am already researching in this direction and LivingLogic demonstrated concern in this subject due to interest in the Open Source ecosystem.

So everything looks very good and I'm very happy to work there. I felt very comfortable at their place and am happy to have found a seemingly flexible environment. And if I'm a completely damn lucky bastard this time, then I even already have found a great place to live: The flat-sharer community of a at-livinglogic-diploma-thesis-writing-student-from-Ilmenau. :D Need to wait still a bit for the decision of the community counsel. Cross your fingers... :)

Published on Thu 20 of Jul, 2006

... I tried putting things to blog on my to do list and when I have some time, then I'll blog about it. Yeah, it only helps procrastinating! :P

The only thing, that helps: blog it immediately.

Some items I thought, that were worth blogging (but then got procrastinated because they are too important to just do in a hurry, blah):

Published on Wed 12 of Jul, 2006

I have been pretty busy lately, even if it perhaps doesn't look like it. This site got rearranged, at least under the hood. What you can see, are:

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs finally throughout the blog
    • /blog - for the blog
    • /blog/post### - for post number ### of the blog
    • /blog/rss - for the RSS of the blog
  • a nicelier designed menu in the right sidebar
  • better hCard support, now also on contact page
  • context-sensitive modules, hCard module isn't shown on contact-page
  • RSS now burned by feedburner.com
  • fancy JavaScript-CSS-hover-link-tool-tips
  • the bookmarks from dev.amette.eu have a link now in the menu to their temporary migration-test-home migrate.amette.eu
  • unordered lists for tag listings

and many many more little tweaks. I hope you like it. :)

Published on Fri 07 of Jul, 2006

amette.eu is from now on the official domain for this site. I waited too long already with this change and now that it's done - the new short URLs look really good :)

Nice! :)

Also some cleanup on menu on modules was done and now I'm migrating to simple the *lite fix. Just wanted to blog the domain-migration now, before I run the backup.. ;)

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