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A story about Debian creating physical pain - and Gentoo easing it

blog post
You will have noticed, that this site is deeeaaaad-slow. Well, that's due to an Apache-restriction, I had to make, because of the vServer limits. There are only two processes serving you - and when th  

Did a drop-in from our loading ramp

blog post
Today I sat in bureau with my netherlands collegue, our search engine optimization specialist, to install Kubuntu on his computer. Well, that sadly didn't work out for some weird partitioning reason..  

DistCC CrossCompiling a Gentoo Freevo Media Station

blog post
I wanted to do this since a long time, but always then procrastinated it. But next weekend Püppi's Igor Freevo ))MediaStation(( needs to be ready, because she comes to Ilm and wants to take it with h  

Electronic tax return made on Linux

blog post
Since three years it is possible in germany to make one's tax return online without having to print anything or even running to the post office. It's not a web interface, but a special program, called  

Finnish Ministry of Defense going Open Source

blog post
While I'm just at blogging and this is good news, let me quickly spread it. [http://www.linux-tutorial.info/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2196|Finland's Ministry of Defense Chooses  

Getting the full speed out of the 'new' connection - Fritz!Box isn't that cool...

blog post
I have been suffering from a lame internet connection , since we got the new provider and the Fritz!Box. I just couldn't real  

Going down the brutal road... ;)

blog post
My previously mentioned solution for the steadily growing .xsession-errors didn't work out. It gave me some more time to tak  

Got a new webcam - Logitech Pro 4000

blog post
The old webcam was really a big annoyance - unplugging made it most of the time stop working. Then some module reloading and plugging (and luck and patience) was needed to get it running again. The L  

Heavily compiling...

blog post
.. the last days I have been doing a lot of cleanup. You won't recognize my room any more.. ;) .. and computer cleanup. Currently doing heavy recompile of my machine. Taking USE="gtk gnome&qu  

Installed Dovecot and Postfix

blog post
Debian starts to annoy me like anything that tries to be smarter than me. Gentoo is a nice system sayin: "I'm just a distro, I'm dumb, tell me what you want!", but Debian tries to tell me, w  

KDE eating /home diskspace - Solved! :)

blog post
Well, like I wrote before, I recompiled all my KDE packages without the debug USE-flag. Sadly that didn't help anything! :( As a matter of fact it even managed to run my new HDD full - with 270 GB of  

Linus hits the spot again

blog post
Linus often is very direct, when speaking out his thoughts. Especially in mails, like here: [http://mail.gnome.org/archives/usability/2005-December/msg00021.html|Printing dialog and GNOME on the usab  

Maintain often, maintain early...

blog post
Yes, that's the way a Gentoo system wants to be handled. I know, I know, mine has been out of normal order since a long time. And it wasn't that bad actually. Still: ''Maintain often, maintain early  

More finnish goodness

blog post
This just dropped in by RSS: Finland: Linux and Open Source Initiative formed Hyvä! :)  

MSI NX6200AX-TD128LF in use

blog post
It's a cute small card, with a nice little heat-sink and was immediately recognized by nvidia-kernel. As 6200 and not 6200AX, but the benchmarks tell, that the power gets used. DooM3 640x480 - low  

My webcam really is a pain... :-/

blog post
I have it working, yes - but only some programs can access it reliably. The little nice script I use for upload to this site doesn't work alwys... and that pisses me off. It seems to work with GnomeMe  

Next generation Desktop available - NOW :)

blog post
I was very happy four days ago, when I heard, that Novell contributes in a truely Open Source manner to the [http://software.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=06/02/07/1559213|3D enhancement of the X-Windo  

One damn fancy benchmark

blog post
I had to do some Macromedia Flash authoring for university lately and I was pretty pissed off, that it wasn't too easy to get it runnin' on my L  

Removing debug USE-Flag from make.conf

blog post
Gentoo explains the debug USE-Flag like that: ''Tells configure and the makefiles to build for debugging. Effects vary across packages, but generally it will at least add -g to CFLAGS. Remember to  

Retrieval of Fritz!Box's honour ;)

blog post
I can reach the other machines on the network by their hostname. The Fritz!Box DHCP/Name-server does consider the hostnames given to the DHCP-clients. Only debian doesn't configure the DHCP-client  
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