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Tiki AJAXification round two

blog post
My before mentioned 'evening-project' took an important step forward today. I looked at the code some time and then decided  

TikiFest Porto 2008

image gallery
Images from WikiSym/TikiFest2008 in Porto, Portugal  

TikiFest Porto/WikiSym2008: Sex, Drugs and Open Source

blog post
From 4th to 13th of September I have been hanging out at the WikiHouse in Porto. "What's a WikiHouse?", I hear you asking and I tell you that it is the most  

TikiFest Strasbourg 2008

image gallery
The 2008 TikiFest at the European Council  

TikiFest Strasbourg 2008

blog post
I just returned from my last after-study party, which happened to  

TikiWiki 1.9.4 released

blog post
Alright, we just finished releasing Tiki 1.9.4. You can get it at SourceForge . There's a problem wi  

TikiWiki 1.9.5 released - Security Upgrade !!!

blog post
Hello again after a waay too long time. But I have an important message to all of you and will try to get blogging by this again... Russian crackers have used Tikis to create a bot-net. The exploit  

toggg is dead

blog post
toggg died on sunday 17th June 2007 of a heart attack. He was one of the first guys to start working with me together on TikiWiki, when I joined the project and he was the guy [h  

Trollparty is 'over'...

blog post
... since three days now - and actually it's not really over. On IRC the people still meet and already start talking about the next Trollparties. It seems, that south-america will be a hotspot for the  



Updated this site and added experimental Google-Maps module

blog post
While I was at catching up with Tiki-development , I also decided to give a fuc# about other people breaking CVS and updated this  

WikiSym people know privacy

blog post
I just registered for WikiSym 2008 in Porto as there will also be TikiFest Porto 2008 and I must say that I'm hi  

With what granularity to tag...?

blog post
I realized it from the previous post - it had e.g. postfix and smtp tags in it. What will one later on search for? And wouldn't you just go classic searching for your keywords? Would tagging i  
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